Awards: What To Give & Where To Get Them

visual-arts-medalWhat will you use as awards for your winners? How will you honor other participants? And where will you get the awards?

It’s totally up to you! You should honor all participants in some way. You might make up certificates for all participants and give ribbons to the winners, as well. Or you could give medals to winners and ribbons to participants. Or everyone could get ribbons, with different kinds denoting different awards. A wide range of award ribbons, rosettes, and medallions are available, varying in color, type, and elaborateness, (and price). Other schools use trophies, plaques, or certificates. You might go in a different direction entirely and present winners with an entirely different sort of award, such as a gift card to a bookstore or art-supply store. What you use depends on your personal preference, your PTA tradition, and your budget.

Where do you get them?

visual-arts-trophyMany Alexandria Reflections chairs order recognition items from a company called Hodges, which has Reflections-designed awards available. So does Kustom Imprints, which is the official supplier of Shop PTA. Some schools use a company called Olympic Ribbons. There are plenty of others out there, and some do have a history with Reflections awards. The advantage to using a company that is used to handling Reflections awards orders is that it is likely to have Reflections logo art already, so you might not have to pay the setup fee that would be charged if you were uploading new art. (There may be other setup fees for other services.) Companies that are used to dealing with PTA leaders also tend to give us excellent customer service, because they often know what we want better than we do!

You can choose to have awards imprinted with a Reflections logo, and customize the colors to differentiate different award levels. If you’d rather, you can use a more generic logo the company has on its site for art, music, dance, or one of the other categories, to differentiate awards by arts category, instead of using a standard Reflections logo. There is no single right way to do this. Use your imagination, and have fun choosing!

And if you’re in a time crunch, you can even buy the non-customized ribbons that are available at your local party store or craft store.


You should know that the Alexandria City contest is using ShopPTA/Kustom Imprints. So if you’re at an ACPS school and want your 1st Place winners to have a school award that doesn’t look like the city award they might also go on to win, I’d suggest you use one of the other two suppliers.

This list of awards companies is not exhaustive, and we’re not recommending one over any other. Feel free to get your awards from any supplier you want. And let us know if you find a great deal on quality Reflections recognition items anywhere else!


Here are links for the three suppliers mentioned above:



hodges-badges-logo-2Choose whatever kind of badges or ribbons you want from the site. When it’s time to customize them, if you want the Reflections badge logo, select “Custom” for the design and under that, check the option for a Custom design from a previous order; a logo is already in the system for Reflections. It’s #M470. (There won’t be a list of options to choose from; you have to know that number. Or email a representative through the site for help.)



kustom-imprints-logo-2participant-rosetteKustom has a wide range of ribbons and medals. Reach the company at the URL above, or search “Shop PTA” and choose “Virginia” to get to the Va PTA page. Once you do, look down the menu on the left side of the page. Don’t stop at “Awards” but keep moving down (it’s alphabetical) to “Reflections” if you want awards customized for the Reflections contest.



olympic-ribbons-logoThere’s a REFLECTIONS tab right at the top of this page, to make it easy for you to find what you need. I’ve never used this company personally, but I’ve know that the Reflections chairs at some Northern Virginia schools do. The selection appears to be more limited ; it’s just fairly simple ribbons, from what I can see. But this might be a good option if you want something easy and affordable.