Spread the News About Your Winners!

Student Winners, NoVa Reflections

Proud ACPS students show off their winners’ ribbons.

Now that your Reflections judging has concluded, you’ll want to celebrate your winners and honor all Reflections participants.

Spread the word! After contacting your winners and their families, you should let everyone know about these awesome students. Publicize as much as you can. Most principals are happy to have a reason to celebrate high-achieving students. Choose what works with your time, budget, and school rules. Some possibilities:

  • Print out your winners list, make a stack of copies, and put them up as flyers around the school.
  • Send notices to teachers who have winning students in their classes, asking them to congratulate the winners in class.
  • Arrange to have your winners list read aloud during morning or afternoon announcements. (Split it into two sections by division or category if school staff balk at the length.)
  • Write it up for your PTA and school newsletters.
  • Announce the winners at PTA meetings and other activities.
  • Display Reflections artwork in the school hallway or library; see if you can hang it on bulletin boards or in school display cases.
  • Set up a mini art show at a local coffee shop or bookstore, so more of the community can see your students’ work.

Most school Reflections programs also hold a recognition event to present ribbons or other awards to winners and honor all participants.

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