Music Composition Winners 2016-17

Eliza Gwin (5th-gr, Maury) still shot - You Were, Mus-INT

Eliza G., 5th grade (Maury), sings and plays her music composition, “You Were” (Intermediate division)

Click on the song titles below to hear Alexandria City’s 1st-Place winning musical compositions for 2016-17, reflecting on the theme, “What Is Your Story?”

HIGH SCHOOL (grades 9-12)

Jonathan Morgan Petrini (grade 9) T.C. Williams HS:  “The Plot Thickens”

MIDDLE SCHOOL (grades 6-8)

Alexander Toa Tiapula Tuson (grade 6) George Washington MS: “My Theme Song”

INTERMEDIATE (grades 3-5)

Eliza Gwin (grade 5) Maury ES: “You Were”

PRIMARY (grades K-2)

Nora Beekman (grade 2) Mt Vernon: “In the Sky”

The Plot Thickens, p1 of score, J.M. Petrini, TCW, Mus-HS

The Plot Thickens, a classical composition by Jonathan P., 9th-grader, T.C. Williams HS