Tips and Tools for School Reflections Chairs


Pho-PRI07 Baby From Space to Earth, Nathan Tassew, CoraK

Baby From Space to Earth, by Nathan T. (Cora Kelly Elem.)

First, you’ll need to know the deadlines. The Alexandria PTA Council Reflections deadline is Friday, Nov. 9, 2017. (For Fairfax it’s Nov. 8-9, and for Arlington it’s Nov. 15). That’s the date by which school Reflections chairs must submit their schools’ 1st-place winning entries to the Alexandria City contest (or the Arlington or Fairfax contest). Work back from that date to set your school’s deadline, allowing adequate time for organizing entries, having them judged, compiling results, and preparing winning entries for advancing to the next level.

The Virginia PTA’s “Guide for Local Leaders” provides an overview of how the contest works and what your responsibilities include. Click this link: Local Leaders Guide 2018-19 – NoVa Edition

Is Your Judging Completed? Here is what you need to know about Advancing Your Winning Entries to the Next Level.

Awards For Your Winners: Tips on what to give as awards to your winners and participants, and information on a few of the companies you can get them from. Click here: Awards: What To Give & Where To Get Them

More Resources:

Fact Sheet about Entry Form, for School Chairs, and everything else school Reflections chairs should know about the Entry Form, including where to find all of those pesky dates and numbers.

Call for Entries Poster – JPG to Print and Fill Out and Call for Entries Poster – Fillable PDF. Download this poster, fill in your school’s entry deadline, and print it out to put up around the school, alongside with other details about the contest.

Other art and logos to download and use electronically or in hard copy. We have flyers, official logos, a web banner, and more.

Judge’s Instructions and Rubric 2017-18. Download and customize this document and print out a copy for each of your judges, to provide detailed information on how to evaluate entries. (We’ll update with this year’s as soon as it’s available, but it’s all right to use last year’s if we don’t receive one for 2018-19.)

Judge’s Scoring Sheet, 2017-18. Click to download a tally sheet you can give your judges, or use yourself after the judging, to help keep track of judges’ scores for your schools’ entries. (We’ll update with this year’s as soon as it’s available, but it’s all right to use last year’s if we don’t receive one for 2018-19.)

The Unicorn Fairy, by Kit Vontz, VisArt-Pri, MVCS

The Unicorn Fairy, by Kit V. (Mt Vernon Comm Sch)