Contest Divisions: By Grade Level, and for Special-Needs Students

Pho-MS01 The Path, Duane Stewart, JH

The Path, by Duane S. (Jefferson-Houston, Middle School Division)

Most students enter the Reflections contest in a division based on their grade level:

  • Primary (preK-grade 2)
  • Intermediate (grades 3-5)
  • Middle School (grades 6-8)
  • High School (grades 9-12)


Special-Needs Students

Students with Disabilities may participate in the National PTA Reflections program in one of two ways:

  • They may enter in the division that corresponds to the entrant’s actual grade level or the grade level closest to the student’s functional abilities. Special-needs students choosing this option may not receive any help on their entries that would not be allowed for any other student.
  • They may enter the Special Artist Division. This division is for special-needs students of all ages. Students entering as Special Artists may receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult. Click here for details about entering in the Special Artist Division.

One of Many, by Andrew G. (T.C. Williams HS)