Have You Ordered Your School Awards Yet?


Amara E., T.C. Williams HS, with her Northern Virginia District Reflections award for Literature.

Hey, Reflections Chairs,

Have you ordered your school awards yet? Heads up: Hodges Badge Company has a sale going on. Everything is 10% off if you order by Feb. 15.

Use promo code W12170218E (you don’t have to copy that; it’s on the site).

A Hodges website tip: You don’t have to pay extra to upload a Reflections design to use on your awards; there are several already on the site to choose from. But the list of available logos is very long; it can be hard to locate what you’re looking for amidst logos for swim meets and equestrian events. The list is alphabetical, but you won’t find the Reflections logos under R for “Reflections”; they’re under S for “School – Reflections.”

Hodges is not the only company that has awards specifically for Reflections. Here is an information sheet that includes several companies that are popular places for Reflections ribbons and other awards. Of course, you don’t have to use one of these; this is not an endorsement of any particular company. Feel free to go wherever you want. And let us know if you find a place you love.

The two companies I have used personally — Hodges, and Kustom Imprints (it’s the one you link to if you go through ShopPTA) — are both good at getting awards to you very quickly. So don’t hesitate to try, even if you’re afraid you waited too long to order.

As always, email me if you have any questions.


Catherine Petrini, Reflections Chair

Alexandria PTA Council 
& Northern Virginia PTA District

ShopPTA Awards


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