More Publicity for Our Kids!

Another local newspaper has picked up the Reflections winners list, and ACPS is also helping to publicize our talented kids.

Today’s edition of the Alexandria Times has a piece on the contest winners, with two pieces of art and the winners list.

Alexandria Times Reflections Coverage, Jan11, 2018

Here is a link to the online version. That link brings you to the front page. You’ll have to scroll through to see the Reflections announcement. The article is on page 14, with the winners list on page 25.

Two of the 1st-Place winning artworks are included, Lillian Morton’s winning photograph, “Learning To Walk in Heels” (Photography, High School) and Claudia Martino’s painting, “Las Patronas” (Visual Arts, Middle School). The two attend T.C. Williams High School and George Washington Middle School, respectively.

And here is a link to the Alexandria City Public School’s Reflections announcement:

Thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the word about our Reflections participants.


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