On Registering Your School

PhotoPRI - Isabelle Flint, GeoMason - A Reading Soccer Star 40% - cropped from bottom

“A Reading Soccer Star,” by Isabelle F., George Mason ES

National Reflections instructions tell PTAs to register their schools in order to take part in Reflections.

In the past, the State Reflections chair instructed Virginia PTA chairs to ignore this instruction, because she was registering all of our schools for us. Not this year.

This year, the Virginia PTA strongly urges you to register your school (you can do it at this link). The National Reflections toolkit will be available this year only to those who have registered their schools. So it’s in your best interest to go ahead and register.

It’s easy! You will need your PTA ID#. If you’re at an Alexandria City PTA, you can get the number at this link. Fairfax and Arlington chairs can get the number from their PTA presidents or from the National PTA Local Unit Lookup online tool.

Registering is easy and painless, but if you really don’t want to do it, the Virginia chair will handle it for you if your school has entries that make it to the state level.