2017-18 Deadlines

No More Pollution

No More Pollution, by Christopher A., Mt Vernon Community School

School deadline: Most schools will have deadlines in October. Check with your school’s Reflections chair to find out when student entries are due to the school contest. If you are a student or parent, this is the deadline that you need to know.

Alexandria PTAC deadline: Nov. 10 (this is when school Reflections chairs must have their schools’ 1st Place entries submitted to the city contest.)

Other NoVa Jurisdictions: Fairfax County’s deadline for accepting school winners is Nov. 9; Arlington’s deadline is Nov. 16. And we’re still waiting on information from Falls Church.

Northern Virginia District Deadline: Dec. 12 (this is when the 1st place winners from the PTA Council contests (Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church) must be submitted to the District).

Virginia State Deadline: Jan. 26 (this is when 1st place district winners’ entries are sent down to Richmond for the state competition).

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