News Flash for 2017-18 Contest!

A Reification of Life

A Reification of Life, by Juliane Joven, GWMS

Hello, Reflections chairs and supporters! I’m currently at the Virginia state PTA contest, where NEW Reflections policies have been unveiled. One huge change for 2017-18 does not substantially change the contest, but simplifies the process of administering it:

THERE ARE NO SEPARATE RULES SHEETS FOR EACH OF THE 6 CATEGORIES! The rules sheets have been streamlined into a one-page, two-sided document. So we will have just one rules sheet, and less paperwork for all of us to deal with! Here is the new form:

Those documents are in English (Spanish to come soon) and have been adapted slightly to include Alexandria contact info.

As for the actual rules, most will be about the same as last year. One exception:

In Visual Arts, a digital file of the original art must now be included in the entry.

  • For flat art (for example, paintings, drawings, and collages) the original artwork will still be submitted, but a digital file should be included as well, preferably on a thumb drive. (Student or Reflections chair can scan the art or take a photo of it.)
  • For 3D art, the student will submit the 3D art to the school contest, along with three photos of the artwork (including digital files of those photos). But the entry that is advanced to the Council (Alexandria City) level will include the photos and digital files, not the physical 3D art itself.

As you may recall, a digital file was required for Photography, beginning last year. So now it is required for Visual Arts, as well.

I’ll pass on more information as I get it. We will also have a District (Northern Virginia) deadline very soon, so we can set Council (Alexandria) and Local Unit (school) deadlines.

Stay tuned for more info when I get back into town!

-Cathy Petrini

Alexandria PTA Council Reflections Chair





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