Alexandria’s 2016-17 NoVa District Reflections Winners

We have a winner’s list! And twenty ACPS student entries have been named award winners in the Northern Virginia District Reflections contest. Four of the students earned 1st Place awards at the District level for Outstanding Interpretation of Theme; those four entries (in burgundy on the list below) beat out the best that Fairfax and Arlington had to offer, and were advanced to the state contest.

Alexandria’s District winners:


Sophia Marcy, K, MacArthur, “Hall of Fame” (Honorable Mention, Primary)

Ava Marcy, 4th grade, MacArthur, “The Story of My Life” (3rd Place, Intermediate)

Janae Holster, 8th grade, GWMS, “Fragile” (1st Place, Middle School). Janae also won 1st Place in the Virginia State competition and competed in the National contest.)

(Click here to watch the winning dances.)


Wesley Anderson, 2nd grade, Maury, “Picture of Me” (2nd Place, Primary)

Eliza Gwin, 5th grade, Maury, “My Story” (1st Place, Intermediate). Eliza also won 3rd Place in the Virginia State competition.

(Click here to watch the winning films.)


Literature IconLITERATURE

Charlie Lorenz, 2nd grade, MacArthur, “So What Is It?” (3rd Place, Primary)

Rena R. Cooper, 3rd grade, MacArthur, “My Happy New Mommy” (3rd Place, Intermediate)

Madeleine Quill, 8th grade, Jefferson-Houston, “What It’s Like To Be Different” (3rd Place tie, Middle School)

Hannah Miller, 12th grade, TC Williams, “The Black Minivan” (1st Place, High School). Hannah also won 2nd Place in the Virginia State competition.

(Click here to read Hannah’s winning story; links to other literature entries to come.)



Eliza Gwin, 5th grade, Maury, “You Were” (3rd Place tie, Intermediate)

Alexander Toa Tiapula Tuson, 6th grade, GWMS, “My Theme Song” (Honorable Mention, Middle School)

Jonathan Morgan Petrini, 9th grade, TC Williams, “The Plot Thickens” (1st Place, High School)

(Click here to listen to the winning compositions.)



Liam Jovivic Doussard, 1st grade, MVCS, “Paris” (3rd Place, Primary)

Noah Sternberg, 4th grade, MacArthur, “The Camera and Me” (Honorable Mention, Intermediate)

Sarah Devendorf, 8th grade, GWMS, “Incomplete” (3rd Place tie, Middle School)

Fatima Chavez, 12th grade, TC Williams, “El viaje hacia Alegria” (2nd Place, High School)

(Click here to see the winning photos.)


Visual Arts IconVISUAL ARTS

Georgia Crutchfield, 2nd grade, MVCS, “My Life in Clay” (Honorable Mention, Primary)

Kit Vontz, 3rd grade, MVCS, “Chaptors in Kitstory” (3rd Place tie, Intermediate)

Julianne Joven, 8th grade, GWMS, “A Reification of Life” (3rd Place, Middle School)

Ava Benbow, 10th grade, TC Williams, “Self Portrait” (Honorable Mention, High School)

(Click here to see the winning Visual Arts pieces.)


Northern Virginia District Reflections is a highly competitive contest, with our students’ work evaluated against the best entries from Arlington and from each of the five regions of Fairfax County. The District covers about 200,000 students, and 117 (from all jurisdictions) won District awards, so this is a big deal. Click here to see the whole District winners list.

Congratulations to all of Alexandria’s District winners, with a special shout-out to our 1st-Place winners — Janae, Eliza, Hannah, and Jonathan — and another special shout-out to Eliza, for winning TWO District awards.