Are We There Yet?


Music Is Joy and Fun, by Alexis M., Mt Vernon Community School

Hello, PTA Reflections Chairs, Entrants, and Parents!

You may be wondering when you’ll hear the results of the city’s Reflections contest. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re close!

The judging has been completed. I’m advancing Alexandria’s 1st-Place entries to the Northern Virginia District contest this Friday. So I do have a winners list, but it’s still tentative. Sorting through the entries in preparation for advancing them sometimes turns up issues that could change the results, so I’d rather not announce the winners until afterward. Expect to hear something next week.

In the meantime, I will tell you that 12 ACPS schools took part in the PTA Reflections contest this year (though one of them received no entries at all; we’ll work with that school to see if that contest can be revitalized for next year.) But many Alexandria schools have thriving Reflections programs. The 11 schools that received entries had a total of 622 entries submitted! Several schools were standouts in terms of the number of entries received. The top four schools, with the number of entries received:

  • Cora Kelly, 90
  • Maury, 93
  • GWMS, 108
  • Mt Vernon 149

The 11 participating ACPS schools advanced a total of 69 1st-Place entries to the city’s contest. Of those 69, it looks like 21 are 1st-Place winners at the city level and will move on to the District!

Stay tuned for the winners list next week!


Student winners at the Alexandria City 2014-15 PTA Reflections awards program at the Durant Arts Center. Photo by Paul Alers.

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