New and Improved!

This site is still very new, and I’ve made some changes this week that Reflections chairs should know about.


Fly, by Lillie E, MacArthur Elem.

First, I learned this evening that Fairfax County’s Reflections deadline has changed. The new deadline for Fairfax school chairs to advance their winning entries to the county is November 17. In fact, the Fairfax PTA Council will be accepting the winning entries from Fairfax schools on two dates, Nov. 17 and 18. Here’s a link for more information.

That brings up another group of changes I’ve made to this site. While it was created to serve the Alexandria City Schools’ PTAs, I’ve realized that our counterparts throughout Northern Virginia might also find it helpful to have a one-stop “shop” for all that is Reflections. I can’t offer Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church the level of customization that Alexandria chairs can find here, but I have added some material aimed at our friends throughout the Northern Virginia PTA District.

Another change I’ve made is to the Entry Forms that were already posted on the site. A school chair reminded me at the District PTA Training this evening that last year I suggested it could be useful to add the contest theme to the top of the form. So I’ve gone back to the entry forms posted on this site and added the theme at the top of the page. If you’ve already copied and distributed forms, don’t think you have to throw them out and start over. But if you have not, you might delete any files you downloaded earlier and instead download the new versions.

Speaking of Entry Forms, I’ve modified the way I list the forms to choose from for download. Originally I had included each school twice, once with its English-language form and once in Spanish. As the list of schools that have provided info has grown, I’ve realized the sheer length of the list could become hard to navigate. So I cut the list in half by posting each school only once, but with two clickable links (English and Spanish). This is purely a cosmetic change; the content is unmodified.


The list of school and council entry forms available on the site has been streamlined with some layout modifications.

Finally, I noticed by chance that the General Rules list‘s Spanish translation, provided by the National and State PTAs, has an error. Apparently it was adapted from last year’s rules sheet, but someone missed the fact that it still mentioned last year’s theme! I found a translation of this year’s theme on the Theme Search form, and cut-and-pasted to add it to the General Rules sheet. So if you are planning to use the General Rules in Spanish translation but have not yet distributed them, you might delete the old version from your computer and download the new, corrected one.

Did I mention that this site is a work in progress? I’ll continue to add new information and to update anything that becomes out of date. And let me know if you’re looking for other information that is not provided.




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